Saturday, 21 December 2013

My plan to get taller

I lack confidence because of my height. It is so sad how I have to strain my neck just to talk to people and so unfair. I have always wished that there was something I could do to make this not the case anymore.
I have been quite small for quite some time well since I stopped growing I have been like "ah man how can I get taller.. this really sucks." I have searched high and low no pun intended lol, to find the best possible way for me to increase my height. I have seen many people talk about stretches to grow taller but these really haven't took my fancy as i just dont have enough hours in the day to do what you are required to do to see any difference I know this is my own fault and you need to be committed to see results in anything but I am just lazy. Thankfully though for a lazy person like me I was able to read this post which told me what I wanted hear a lazy person ideal way to grow taller. Shoe lifts a recent new innovation that you put inside you shoes for instant boost in height. I am really excited and cannot wait to get mine that I bought for me for a present at Christmas... wish me luck as in the new year I will be tall mark my words and then people will be like "oh my your a giant.!"

Joomla 1 is it still safe to use?

If you use joomla 1 and no plugin can this one still get hacked? or is it still safe to use joomla 1 any thoughts? I have heard how older joomla can have big holes in them and you must upgrade is this because of holes in joomla or rather in templates and plugin created for joomla itself? Any help because joomla1 is lightweight and fast I was wondering to use it for a fats and un heavy alternative.... plus I like how it works better and more versatile than the future ones... If anyone has any thought or opinions on this please comment below I will be glad to hear from you as to whether I should use this version or not.. Or do you think that using a older version would be slower than using the newer ones?

Can you report hackers to the police?

I know a website that links to my site that has gotten hacked. Ruining my natural backlink from that site too because now that site has been penalized. It also has got me scared too that my website may also eventually get compromised by some of these hackers of which try to pedal illegal pills form india on your site. It really is sickening how these idiots will try to sell pills on your site from india therefore you just know they will be goodness knows what and not medically tested and potentially deadly... Surely dns server should totally block these sites.. and I dont know whether you can report these moron hackers to the police because they are offshore.... These hackers have no morals and I hope that they go to hell and rot.

If you have been hacked check out were the hacked sites are pointing to and use whois to catch the culprit who has done this to your site.

Hacked sites are badly penalized in the search results and will usually gain hundreds of really dodgy link to the bad pages on your site further adding to the search engine penalty.