Saturday, 21 December 2013

My plan to get taller

I lack confidence because of my height. It is so sad how I have to strain my neck just to talk to people and so unfair. I have always wished that there was something I could do to make this not the case anymore.
I have been quite small for quite some time well since I stopped growing I have been like "ah man how can I get taller.. this really sucks." I have searched high and low no pun intended lol, to find the best possible way for me to increase my height. I have seen many people talk about stretches to grow taller but these really haven't took my fancy as i just dont have enough hours in the day to do what you are required to do to see any difference I know this is my own fault and you need to be committed to see results in anything but I am just lazy. Thankfully though for a lazy person like me I was able to read this post which told me what I wanted hear a lazy person ideal way to grow taller. Shoe lifts a recent new innovation that you put inside you shoes for instant boost in height. I am really excited and cannot wait to get mine that I bought for me for a present at Christmas... wish me luck as in the new year I will be tall mark my words and then people will be like "oh my your a giant.!"

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